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Discover the current exibit!

I love Musée de Carouge



From 4 October to 16 December, 2018


The Carouge Museum is paying tribute to Christa de Carouge, who died at the beginning of the year. This designer has left an indelible mark on the Swiss fashion landscape, spreading the name of the Carouge far beyond the borders of Switzerland.

Based in rue Saint-Victor for over twenty years, she defied conventions by designing functional garments with graphic designs made from noble and innovative materials, an expression of the freedom and elegance of those who wear them.

The exhibition brings visitors a little closer to the “lady in black”, through her career and through her sources of inspiration. Many of her creations are of course on display, accompanied by testimonials from her friends and family.

This is our way of acknowledging her abundant creativity and great generosity, while expressing the gratitude of a city she loved so much.