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Welcome tour

Dernière mise à jour: 10.01.2024
Découvrez votre nouvelle cité grâce aux Parcours d'accueil organisés par la Ville.

Discover our new town thanks to the Welcome Tours organised by the City.

Each year in spring the City of Carouge and its Integration Committee organise a Welcome Tour that enables newcomers to explore and feel at home in their new surroundings. This tour is open to all recent arrivals in Carouge as well as to those who have lived here for a number of years. Volunteers who are familiar with the city will serve as guides for this 90-minute stroll, and will present the public buildings and places for cultural and leisure activities. Afterwards a convivial aperitif will be offered at the Maison de Quartier of Carouge so as to get together and discuss between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ inhabitants and thus encourage participation in the life of the commune.

Practical information
Rendezvous: April 20 2024 / October 5 2024, 10 am, in the hall of the Mairie de Carouge, place du Marché 14.
The visit is free of charge and takes place whatever the weather and without prior registration.
Associations wishing to introduce themselves at the aperitif are invited to give advance notification:
P 022 308 15 30
C sas@carouge.ch